Newly appointed 6th District Commissioner Joseph Sherrill was assigned and confirmed by the commission to serve on several county committee’s after he was sworn in last week.

By unanimous approval of the resolution, Sherrill was appointed to serve on the emergency services committee, environmental committee, school and education committee, wildlife and fisheries committee. He was also appointed to the beer board, rail authority.

Several additional committee appointments were also made during last week’s monthly Cumberland County Commission meeting.

Carl MacLeod, 9th District commissioner, was appointed to serve on the budget committee after John Patterson, 9th District commissioner, resigned from the panel, stating he felt there was a “lack of respect” for him and Fairfield Glade displayed by some committee members.

MacLeod’s appointment was unanimously approved.

The following committee appointment resolutions were also approved by the Cumberland County Commission:

•Amanda Houston and Vicki Baucum to serve three-year terms from Aug. 16, 2019 to Aug. 15, 2021 as members of the county’s Audit Committee.

•Russell Smith and Linda Clark to the Cumberland County Regional Planning Commission for terms of four years to expire Aug. 31, 2023.

•Valerie Cox and Christy Dolinich for three-year terms to expire Aug. 31, 2022 as members of the Crossville-Cumberland County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

•Joyce Rorabaugh for a four-year term from Oct. 1, 2019, to Sept. 30, 2023, as Cumberland County archivist.

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