The Cumberland County Board of Education voted 7-0 Thursday to pay $9,912.18 in land taxes for property donated to the school system by Roy Stone.

Earl Patton, BOE attorney, told the board, "Technically, that tax is past due. It was delinquent as of March 1. Mr. Stone understandably does not want to be hit with that tax. I spoke with Orville Hale [8th District representative] and he indicated by no means did he want Mr. Stone to have to pay for this."

Hale was unable to attend the meeting.

Patton said at one time it was thought the county would be able to waive the tax, but that was not possible.

"We can quibble over who has to pay it, or you can make a move to pay it," Patton said. "I think given the timing of everything, the board needs to take some action because it is time sensitive."

Patton said he had spoken with Carolyn Turner and believed fees on the past due taxes could be waived.

Rob Safdie, 2nd District representative, moved the board pay all taxes on the property that are past due using funds from the construction contingency fund. The motion was supported by Tom Netherton, 6th District representative.

Gordon Davis, 5th District representative, said, "It's hard to ask a man to donate land and then ask him to pay the taxes on it."

Following a roll-call vote, the motion was unanimously approved.

Patton also upadated the board on a general liability case and workers' compensation cases he is handling for the board. Patton said there had not been any activity on those cases in the last few months. Patton said he would keep the board informed of any developments.

Patton is also working with South Cumberland Utility District on adopting sewer lines that had been installed on Dunbar Rd. to service Brown Elementary School.

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