The supplements for high school athletic director, elementary baseball, and speech pathologists have been set.

With the August 6 meeting, negotiations between the Cumberland County Education Association and the Cumberland County Board of Education concluded for 2007-2008 school year with the two bodies agreeing to terms concerning the above mentioned supplements.

In addition to the salary already given to the two assistant principals who have athletic director responsibilities, the contract addendum slates the two positions to each receive a $3,000 supplement.

For county-wide supplements, with the deletion of co-ed elementary soccer from the agreement, the addendum assigns two amounts of $750 for elementary baseball.

In an effort to maintain speech pathologists already in the school system, as opposed to paying contracted services to provide pathologists, a $3,000 supplement has been proposed. Applying to pathologists who supervise speech therapists, the supplement shall be awarded in two equal amounts, one in December and one in May, and will act as a separate check from the payroll check.

The addendum was signed by Director of Schools Aarona VanWinkle and CCEA chief negotiator Mary Payne. The addendum will go up for ratification by the BOE at the September 10 meeting if the CCEA can have the addendums ratified beforehand.

Other addendums agreed to during this year's round of negotiations included changes made to complaint procedure and payroll deductions for CCEA member fees. An agreement over retiree medical premiums was never reached.