The Cumberland County Board of Education approved the tenure-if-elected (TIE) list on March 26 as well as reviewed the list of non-tenured, Central Office and county-wide personnel rehire recommendations.

According to the cover letter provided by Director of Schools Aarona VanWinkle, local teachers and personnel are nominated annually in March for tenure and rehire.

"It is important to recognize at this time that even though these personnel are assigned to essential positions for a better education program in Cumberland County, funding must be available from local, state and federal sources to offer our current instructional program," the DOS states in the letter.

More than 40 teachers were nominated for tenure status, including Debra Markham from Crab Orchard Elementary.

From the Alternative/Phoenix School are Evelyn Choplosky and Wesley McNeely.

From Brown Elementary are Kevin David Lewis and Kari Rockwell.

From the Central Office are Julia Hayes and Pamela Wheeler.

From Cumberland County High School are Will Foster, Kiley Gargac, Emmy Reed McCoy, Daniel Mclnerney, Patricia Gail Nelson, David Prichard, Joshua Squire

and Craig Taylor.

Listed for Martin Elementary are Rachel Brown, Melissa Buffkin, Mary Elizabeth Edmonds, Laurie Kerr, Teresa Smith, Tamara Tollett and Jordan Douglas Webb.

North Cumberland Elementary has listed Kathy Allen, Rachel Christopher, Ashley Davis and Andrea Loftis. From Homestead Elementary are Sheila Carnes and Ashlee Ritzko. From Pine View Elementary is Debra Markham.

Listed for Pleasant Hill Elementary are Shaun Brown and Sylvia Nash. From South Cumberland Elementary are Samuel Pharris and Candice Whitson. From Stone Elementary are Kristie O'Connor, Heather Treadway and Helen Watson.

Stone Memorial High School has listed Ray Hawn, Lance Kennedy, Melissa Keyes, Meghan Kunzelman, Terry McKinney, Claudia Sanchez (pending certification), Tony Shultz and Billie Jo Watts.

Non-tenure personnel recommended for rehire are, from the Alternative/Phoenix School, Blake Allen, Kim Eller, Michael Dibiccaro and Teresa Garrett.

From Brown Elementary are Paula Bailey, Cristy Cotton, Julia Anne Goss, Kristi Hassler, Benjamin Novak, Gwen Tayse, Christie Thompson, Brandi Wilson, J. Michelle Wilson and Laurie Wright.

From Central Office are Lillian Fox and Lindsey Novak. From Crab Orchard Elementary are Faith Banker, Jennifer DeHart and Erin Jackson.

From CCHS are Robert Akin, Charlie Alva (with conditions), Mary Beth Barnes, Laura Brewer, Tamara Brewer, Joel Chamness, Gloria Dickerson, Joshua Epperson, Daisy Filler, Brenda Hall, Kacee Harris, Robin Hull, Mitch Lowe, Leslie McCoy, George Partin, David Roark, Rachel Shoemaker, Tracy Sinclair (with conditions), Donald Smith, John Pat Teeples, Joseph White, Cub Whitson and Brandon Williams.

Homestead Elementary has listed Amanda Baldwin, Cynthia Helton, Patsy Horst, Todd Kuffel, Kelly Locklear, Jill Pugh and Richard Weyhrich.

From Martin Elementary are Ann Barnett, Amy Church, Andrea Edington, Leigh Ann Fairman, Krystal Kennedy, Kelly Masters, Aimee Moore and Jessica Joy Thompson.

Listed for North Cumberland Elementary are Jessica Barnes, Stacey Harrell, Courtney Hennessee, Tristessa Howard, Mary Elizabeth Hubbard, Crystal Johnson, Willie Patton, Sarah Pharris, Angela Randolph, Bryan Simmons and Debra Stout.

From Pine View are D. Justin Gibson, Tammy Miller and April Moore.

From Pleasant Hill Elementary are Michele Campbell and Julie Mahaney.

For South Cumberland Elementary are Stephen Eric Hale and Tiffany Brooke Phillips.

For county-wide special education is Lillian Fox.

Stone Elementary has listed Leslie Eldridge, Nicole Graham, Dorothy Marlene Holton, Catherine Robinson, Rebecca Rodgers, Valerie Scarbrough and Larissa Young.

Listed for SMHS are Julie Arnold, Pamela Bergvin, Carolyn Collis, James Greene, Marjorie Hanlon, Kyler Moore, Francis Mulcahy, John Rowe, Blake Saldana, Jan Smith, Dale Weaver and Sheryl Webb (half-time).