Roy Stone is very pleased with the progress at Stone Memorial High School.

During the May 4 meeting of the Cumberland County Board of Education, Stone said, "I am pleased with the school, with the board, with Dr. Patty [Ragsdale], with all of you people. I think we had the right people at the right time."

Stone expressed a special thanks to Shorty Barnes, saying he could see his truck lights enter the construction site at 4 or 5 a.m.

"In a while, I see blue smoke," Stone said. "That's when I know the irons are getting fired up. Then as soon as it gets daylight, those pieces of equipment start moving. The way they have worked on that school gives me no end.

"I'm just so thankful to see that school. I am extremely pleased, humbled and honored to have the school. I'm looking forward to many years of supporting both the schools."

Stone was presented a Panther Football shirt by new SMHS head football coach Marty Davis.

Davis told Stone, "You will have a seat on the 50-yard line."

Davis then thanked the school system for the opportunity to be head football coach at the new school.

"I appreciate the opportunity," Davis said. "I've lived in Cumberland County for a long time. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here until somebody turns me out to pasture. I will do my best."

Director of Schools Patricia Ragsdale announced an open house for the new school was scheduled for July 29, with specific times to be announced.

Kim Chamberlin, with Upland Design Group, said work is continuing at a good pace at SMHS, with overall completion estimated at 88 percent.

"Mr. Daugherty with HDH Construction commented he thought everything would be ready for turnaround by July 15. We're working on that basis," Chamberlin said.

Water issues at the new school continue to concern Chamberlin.

"We're on top to that as best we can be," Chamberlin said, noting more water flow tests have been conducted and he was waiting for those results.

"I still feel confident about that, but it's something we need to watch and make sure everything is taken care of."

Chamberlin said recent flow tests indicated the water pressure would be fine for the building, but pumps may be needed for the athletic fields irrigation systems. Chamberlin said engineers were looking at relooping the sprinkler system in the kitchen to provide greater water pressure, as that is a high risk area.

"We think the school looks okay. It'll be some of those things outside," Chamberlin said.

Tim Begley, Crossville public works director, said a reason for the water pressure problem is that the water line is fed from a tank, which can fluctuate. Chamberlin said tests at the beginning of the project had to be conducted on the other side of the interstate due to a meter restriction that has since been upgraded.

"We were working on numbers, having to interpolate design from there," Chamberlin said.

Chamberlin said the school had experienced different flows, depending on whether or not a tank on Genesis Rd. is being filled.

"We're having to take it on a worst-case scenario. Which is what you would want for your facility," Chamberlin said.

Chamberlin said some relooping and piping in the kitchen area is being considered.

Pumps can improve pressure for the irrigation system on the athletic fields. Three would be needed, at a cost of about $3,000 each. Contingency money is available if that is necessary.

Outside work is continuing though wet weather has slowed it a bit. The fieldhouse is nearly complete, as well. Bleacher installation in the gymnasium begins this week. Tile is still being completed in the corridors

Bids have been awarded for drainage work at Stone Elementary and Brown Elementary schools and the addition of two classrooms at Stone Elementary. Mid-State Construction of Cookeville was the low bidder with a total of $346,400. Chamberlin said he anticipated work beginning around the first of June with drainage projects completed by Aug. 1. The classroom addition would not be completed until later in the school year.

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