Crossville Police investigated complaints of road rage during the course of two days last week.

One of those reports resulted in a simple assault arrest, according to reports.

On April 21, MPtl. Scott Van Ruden responded to a request for the police department to meet with a citizen who reported traveling south on West Ave. and stopping for the traffic light at Miller Ave. The intersection is marked, “No right turn on red.”

The driver said a Toyota Tacoma stopped beside the motorist, flashing its lights and honking the horn. The complainant said he went to see if the other motorist needed help and was met with an expletive-laced order to move his vehicle.

The first driver said the other motorist then displayed a handgun. Police are looking into the identity of the suspect and have identified a man in connection with the incident.

On April 22, Crossville Police responded to Executive Dr., where a man riding an electric bicycle said he was followed out of the Walmart parking lot by a white van. 

The man said the driver of the van stopped, picked up the bicyclist and the bike, and slammed then to the ground. The man said he was punched and kicked several times.

The man refused medical treatment. Police are reviewing a business security video in an attempt to identify the assailant.

Also on April 22, police were called to Lantana Rd. Baptist Church to meet with a man who said a vehicle had passed him several times before finally crashing into the rear of the complainant’s vehicle.

The other driver then got out his vehicle and assaulted the victim, resulting in minor lacerations to the face.

A witness to the incident confirmed the complainant’s story and described the

assailant as short, stocky and in his late


A license plate returned to a resident on Iris Circle. Investigation is continuing.


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