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The Crossville-Cumberland County Tactical Rescue Team was called in to perform a rope rescue Monday afternoon off Obed Point in the Sunset Ridge subdivision. An elderly male was safely rescued and recovered Monday after being missing for nearly 24 hours. The Cumberland County Rescue Squad successfully located the man earlier on Monday after an all-night search.

The Cumberland County Rescue Squad has been busy the past few days after two successful rescues, last Friday night and one Monday afternoon.

Sunday, the Cumberland County Rescue Squad was paged to help locate an elderly male off McCampbell Rd. near the Sunset Ridge subdivision.

The man, Pete Peterson, went missing around 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon. The rescue squad along with Christian Aid Ministries’ Search and Rescue Team of Knoxville searched overnight without luck to locate Peterson. The Tennessee Highway Patrol was called in and a helicopter with thermal imaging equipment was used, as well as a canine search unit without success.

The search call escalated into a Region II call out and dozens of rescuers came in from a variety of areas.

“We had Fentress, White, Rhea, Bledsoe, Scott and Overton County Rescue Squads, Appalachian Mountain Rescue Team, Cumberland County Fire, Crossville Fire and Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency all on scene to help. We were able to safely get the patient out and in care of EMS by 4 p.m. Thank you to all who stayed the night at the scene and helped, to all the volunteers that came and helped we greatly appreciate it,” read a Facebook post on the Cumberland County Rescue Squad’s page.

Once Peterson was located the Crossville-Cumberland County Tactical Rescue Team was called in to perform a rope rescue.

Crossville Fire Assistant Chief Chris South said the man was located off a bluff near the Obed River in an area with “difficult terrain.”

“We came in at the end and performed a low angle rope rescue and were able to pull him out. He was in good shape but had been out all night in the cold temperatures,” South said. “They did the hard part and searched for the man all night and located him Monday afternoon. We did come in and get him out at the end, but the rescue squad deserves all the credit for all the hard work they did and finding him.”

Last Friday night the rescue squad was called out around 5 p.m. to help locate another elderly male in the northern Cumberland County area who went missing in a wooded area off Genesis Rd.

After approximately four hours of searching, the man was located around 9:30 p.m. and was evaluated by Cumberland County EMS. 

He was in good condition and was treated for minor injuries, the rescue squad reported on its Facebook page.

More than 50 volunteers came out to aid in the search.

Captain Kyle Hearndon, leader of the rescue squad was not available for comment.

For more information about the Cumberland County Rescue Squad, visit their website at, or call 931-484-9143. The group always welcomes volunteers.

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