So, its Thanksgiving time again. I thought about finding a funny poem to share this year, but somehow they all seemed shallow. Believe me, I’m no poet and don’t pretend to be, but there are feelings and thoughts that want to be given a voice.

There is a certain sadness that permeates the holiday this year. For the first time in 60 years my life partner won’t be sitting at the table, complaining about lumps in the mashed potatoes and that the gravy is nothing like their mother used to make, praising the ham and eating almost none of the turkey. Yes, we had to have both, they just got smaller as the years went by and fewer of the family gathered around the table.

The family reunions when my family had to hire a bucket truck to come and take a picture of everybody who was there are gone now. Wasn’t that just last year? Granny, Pappa, fourteen aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, and even my spouse, are gone now, the circle has gotten so much smaller. 

What is Thanksgiving really about? Gathering with family is wonderful, the fabulous food, the ball games, the laughter and fun, but that’s not the whole story. Its about being thankful.

If you sit at home alone and eat a TV dinner on Thanksgiving day you can still be thankful. If you are experiencing the trauma of a family member who no longer knows your name. Be thankful. If your loved one is in a nursing facility. Be thankful. If your health is so bad you can hardly stand the pain, still be thankful.  

How can you be thankful when the world around you is falling apart? Bill and Gloria Gaither said it well in the song, “God on the Mountain.” 

“For the God on the mountain; Is still God in the valley; When things go wrong; He’ll make them right; And the God of the good times; Is still God in the bad times; The God of the day; Is still God in the night.”

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for all that God has done and is doing, even though I don’t understand a lot of things that are happening. Going through one of the toughest losses in this life has shown that God will not leave us comfortless. The Lord will not leave us nor forsake us. The news doesn’t upset me because my trust is not in anybody or anything of this world but rather in the omnipotent God who put the universe in place.

True thankfulness is being thankful to God for all we are and have, large or small in the eyes of this world. He has promised His children glory and a great reunion day to come. Thank you, God.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Old Uncle Gib is a weekly historical feature published each week. Old Uncle Gib is a pseudonym that was used by S.C. Bishop, who founded the Chronicle in 1886. Bishop actively published the Chronicle until 1948.


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