The re-plat of a lot of Sherwood Farms subdivision was denied, based on information provided by the developer's representative and city concerning the size of a water line serving that lot and adjacent ones. However, the request will now be approved after it was learned the original information was in error.

Developer Jerry Wright requested approval to divide Lot No. 133 in Sherwood Farms into two lots for the purpose of creating two one-acre lots for residential construction. The lot is located on Locksley Circle.

Information provided to the Crossville Regional Planning Commission was that the lot is serviced by a two-inch water line which would not support a fire hydrant. The closest fire hydrant is 1,000 feet away.

Subdivision regulations require fire hydrants be within 500 feet of a building site and based on that information, the planning commission rejected the re-plat request.

Since the April 20 meeting, however, city staff has learned that a six-inch line services the Locksley Circle lots and in-house approval will be granted for the re-plat request, City Inspector John Dawkins said.

In other business, the following took place:

•APPROVED a plan of services for recommendation to city council for annexation of St. Raphael's Episcopal Church.

•APPROVED final plat of Miller Ave. property for developer Mayland Properties. The commercial development consists of seven lots on about 11.5 acres along Milo Lemert Parkway just off Hwy. 127 S.

•HEARD a staff report from Dawkins about the in-house approval of a two-lot re-subdivision for Ellen Raney and Carl Schultz in The Gardens Phase IV to adjust a common property line/fire wall line between the structures.

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