Tyler Lynn Crisp pleaded guilty to theft of more than $1,000 in May 2016. On Oct. 1, Crisp was indicted on a charge of felony possession of heroin. Tuesday his probation on the theft charge was revoked, in part, because of new charges.

Assistant District Attorney Amanda Worley summed up the state’s position for Judge Wesley Bray in simple terms. “He failed a previous probation. He is charged with heroin and meth. We believe he should be revoked to serve his sentence.”

Three witnesses were called by the state during the brief hearing: Tennessee Department of Corrections Board of Pardons and Parole Officer Chris Goddard, Crossville Police Ptl. Koby Wilson and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy Tristin Partridge.

Defense attorney Jeff Vires opted to not call any witnesses on Crisp’s behalf, relying on his cross examination of witnesses and his oral summary of the case.

Goddard testified while serving supervised probation in the 2016 theft case, Crisp violated terms of his probation and was sent to jail.

Upon release in January of this year, Crisp was placed under Goddard’s probationary supervision. The probation officer testified that by May, Crisp was arrested on a new charge possessing over five grams of heroin. The charge, along with not providing proof of employment and failure to report for a random drug test as ordered, resulted in a probation violation warrant.

In June, with a hearing on the violation warrant pending, Crisp was arrested for possession of methamphetamine during a search of a camper he was living in and the vehicle he was driving. This resulted in an amended probation violation warrant.

Ptl. Wilson testified he and Sgt. John Karlsven and Ptl. Ethan Wilson were dispatched to an Ivy Ave. address on May 28 to investigate actions of several persons in what he described as a “suspicious vehicle/person” call.

Crisp and three others were found at the scene and the discovery of a glass pipe used for smoking a controlled substance led to searches. Heroin was seized from two hiding places, one of which was the result of information Crisp provided while en route to jail.

Deputy Tristin Partridge testified he traveled with Deputy Allen Webb to a Claysville Rd. address to serve a warrant and found Crisp and a woman present. Because of his probationary status, Crisp was subject to random searches and deputies recovered from a vehicle meth and a digital scale.

Those two cases are pending and Crisp has not been found guilty of the new charges.

Vires argued that Crisp asked his boss at a tree cutting service to provide Goddard with proof of employment, which was not done. He also suggested Goddard did not do enough investigating to verify Crisp’s claim of employment.

He also noted that Crisp was employed at StonePeak prior to the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in his losing his job.

Judge Bray ruled it was Crisp’s job to provide proof of employment, but did not base his ruling on that issue. Bray revoked Crisp’s probation and ordered he serve the balance of a three-year prison sentence based on failure to report for the drug test and on the new charges.

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