A Cumberland County man on parole and reportedly involved in a halfway house program was treated for stab wounds to the back. The cause of the injuries is not known because the victim declined to tell sheriff’s investigators what had happened.

Two witnesses told Sheriff’s Deputies Jason Powers and Leviticus Gilliam that Mark Anthony Williams, 29, Ted Davis Rd., showed up at a residence on Clearview Lane in Pleasant Hill with a stab wound in the back.

One witness said Williams did not want to go to the hospital but was finally convinced to go to Cumberland Medical Center’s emergency room for treatment.

“When I went to talk to Mark Williams he stated he didn’t want to tell me who did it,” Gilliam wrote in his report. “He did say he got in a fight with a man, that he wouldn’t name, and the man pulled a knife and stabbed him in the back twice. Then the man ran off.”

The victim’s mother told deputies her son was on parole and was supposed to be in a halfway house in Knoxville. She said she did not not know he was in the Crossville area.

In February 2019, Williams pleaded guilty to an information charging theft of property of more than $2,500 and received a three-year suspended sentence to be served on supervised probation.

In June of the same year, he pleaded guilty to an information charging vandalism of more than $1,000 and received a one-year sentence to serve.

Williams’ parole officer was notified of the incident.


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