A bid of $34,000 for painting at Pine View Elementary School was just one of several project bids that were approved by members of the Cumberland County Finance Committee last week during its November monthly meeting.

The bid for painting of the interior and exterior at Pine View Elementary School was approved after 9th District Commissioner Clyde Cramer motioned to accept. Cramer's motion was supported by 8th District Commissioner Jeff Brown and it was unanimously approved.

A $24,000 bid for landfill soil and excavation was approved after 7th District Commissioner Kenneth Carey made a motion and it was supported by Cramer. The low bid was submitted by Ashe Trucking and Grading of Crossville. The next closest bid submitted was by Goss Construction of Crossville for $30,860.

In a letter to the finance committee, Wayne Blaylock, solid waste director said, in the 2009-'10 landfill budget "$54,000 was allocated to allow excavation and haul of 12,000 cubic yards of soils to stockpile areas near the landfill working face."

The full amount of the funds remain budgeted for the project.

The committee also approved a $12,800 bid by Water and Waste Equipment for the purchase of a new pump system consisting of two submersible grinder pumps for the transfer of leachate at the county's landfill.

Blaylock explained the old system is worn out and needed to be replaced. Although the landfill is scheduled for closing, the pumping system is still required because the site will create leachate, a fluid collection from water runoff at the landfill, for several years to come — even after closure.

Several components will be installed to allow the system to be restored to its original operating conditions. It will take three to five weeks for the components to arrive and be installed.

Water and Waste Equipment is the only representative for this area so no other bids were submitted, according to Blaylock.

Carey motioned to accept the bid and it was supported by Cramer. The recommendation for the purchase will be sent to the budget committee for its approval.

A bid of $16,100 was approved for the purchase of four Digital Ally Model DVM in vehicle mirror camera kits for the sheriff's department.

Lt. Anthony Smith wrote in a letter to the committee that there are currently 20 units in use in the sheriff's department vehicles and these units would be the same as the others in use. Purchasing these units would allow the computer software to remain consistent and prevent from having to use multiple software packages for different vehicles.

Cramer motioned to accept the bid and it was supported by Carey. It was also unanimously approved.

In other areas several change orders were approved for Construction Projects Manager Eric Newman for the library project. The change orders submitted bring a net savings of $1,159 with no additional cost. Newman explained to the committee the change orders were for items such as different fabric in the children's area, different toilet partitions in the restrooms, paint color and other odds and ends.

He also told the committee there was approximately $80,000 remaining in the discressionary fund on the project and estimated the county would receive roughly around $50,000 of that back.

"Well, this is actually saving us some money so I'm all for this change order," Carey said. "I motion to accept."

It was supported by Cramer and unanimously approved.

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