Cumberland County’s emergency services committee approved a proposed funding agreement for the county’s E-911 emergency communications district dispatch center.

The agreement places the entire operation under the Cumberland County 911 Emergency Communications District’s board of directors.

The agreement replaces the Intergovernmental Cooperation agreement for emergency communications, which is the Central Communications Committee agreement.

The Central Communications Committee is set to dissolve at the end of June.

Cumberland County Mayor Allen Foster, said, “It’s been reviewed by all three lawyers and puts dispatch where it belongs — with 911.”

The E-911 communications district board of directors, composed of nine members, is appointed by the Cumberland County mayor and confirmed by the Cumberland County Commission.

Everett Bolin, chairman of the E-911 emergency communications district board, said, “We believe it will be best for dispatch, and we will do all we can to keep improving the department and services.”

The agreement must be approved by the E-911 emergency communications district board, Crossville City Council and Cumberland County Commission before it goes into effect.

Foster said all county emergency department heads and Sheriff Casey Cox are OK with the new agreement.

According to the agreement, “All operations will continue to function at the county Crossville/Cumberland County E-911 Emergency Communications Center at 42 Southbend Dr. Functions there include 911 dispatch offices, 911 addressing, the 911 director, the communications director office and Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency office.

“The location will continue to be the Public Safety Answering Point, house the E-911 answering system.”

The 911 communications district will “supervise, manage and control all employees currently working in 911 dispatch, so to effectively take emergency 911 calls and dispatch and deliver emergency communications to both Cumberland County and the city of Crossville first responders … the district will be the fiscal agent for the 911 dispatch employees, handling all payroll, benefits and investments needed for all employees to participate in the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System.

“The district, as the employer, will be responsible for the human resource and management decisions for all of the 911 dispatch employees, including training, hiring discharge and discipline.”

Cumberland County and the city of Crossville will each pay $550,000 per fiscal year beginning July 1 for the two-year agreement.

The payments will be divided into four quarterly payments made payable to the 911 district the first day of August, November, February and May.

If the funding from 911 base fees varies by 10% or more during the time of the agreement, any party, upon 30-day written notice, may demand a formal meeting of the three parties and negotiate a funding rate payable by the city and county. If none is reached, either party can give 180 days written notice to withdraw from the agreement.

After approval by all three, the new agreement will be in effect until June 30, 2021. It will automatically renew for an additional two years, unless one of the parties withdraws.

According to the agreement, the 911 “district agrees to hold harmless and completely indemnify the county, city of Crossville and each member of, all employees, agents and consultants from and against liability for claims and causes of action based upon the constitution and laws of the state of Tennessee …”

The new agreement was unanimously approved after Jack Davis, 5th District commissioner, moved for approval.

Darrell Threet, 3rd District commissioner, supported the motion.

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