Cumberland County’s Budget Committee approved a resolution authorizing $928,500 of capital outlay notes to pay for capital purchases approved in the 2018-’19 county general fund budget.

“This will have to go to the full county commission. We have gotten to the point where we need to take care of the documents for the $928,500 capital plan. This is the legal mechanism that allows us to borrow the funds from ourselves for 24 hours. The funds come from the debt service fund. This is for the general fund projects that were approved,” Nathan Brock, Cumberland County finance director, said.

Jim Blalock, 8th District commissioner, said, “Now, what is this for? This is nearly a million dollars? We’re paying on loans where we’re paying interest and not much principal. How much is this going to cost us in interest?”

“We’re jumping through legal hoops. It will cost about one day of interest. This allows us to take it from the debt service fund and pay it off the next day. It will cost less than $500,” Brock said.

Terry Lowe, 5th District commissioner, moved to approve the resolution.

Wendell Wilson, 6th District commissioner, supported the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Capital items on the capital outlay note in the 2018-’19 budget included:

•Mobile radios for the sheriff’s office, county fire, EMS and Rescue Squad at $71,000.

•Miscellaneous items included — Election Commission, 11 new electronic notebooks, $16,500; Election Commission, new software, $8,000; County Maintenance, EMS parking lot, $37,000; Sheriff’s Office, five new patrol cars, $215,000; Cumberland County Jail, steam table, $6,000; Cumberland County Fire Department, one new brush fire truck, $140,000; EMS, three new ambulances with communication radios, $435,000. The total for the 2019 series capital outlay notes is $928,500.

Other budget amendment resolutions approved included:

•$150,000 for the Board of Education to accept a Title I grant for federal funding.

•$34,000 from the Drug Fund for the Sheriff’s Office to purchase a new vehicle in the use of drug control and eradication.

•$1,600 for the county fire department to receive and use a grant from Middle Tennessee Natural Gas for fire safety education and smoke alarms.

The amendments were all unanimously approved.

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