UPDATE: Isaac S. Dunaway appeared in General Sessions Court Nov. 2 and the charge of vandalism of up to $1,000 was dismissed with warning.


Both Democrats and Republicans across the county have reported that political signs in the presidential race have been vandalized or destroyed and one person has been cited into court on a charge of vandalism after allegedly being caught in the act.

Isaac Dunaway, 18, Hwy. 68, Grandview, was cited into General Sessions Court on Oct. 17 for vandalism of property following an incident that occurred on the previous day, according to Crossville Police Lt. Jonathan O’Neal’s report.

The incident was reported to city police by Dennis Hatler who was traveling in the area of Lantana Rd. at Miller Ave. when he observed a man exit a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado pickup, walk over to a Joe Biden sign and kick it down.

Hatler told police that he attempted to stop the incident, and the man fled the scene. The witness was able to provide police with a tag number on the pickup, and the next day police were able to contact the suspect.

O’Neal wrote in his report that Dunaway said he took the action because the Biden sign “was covering up a Trump sign.”

The citation is for a misdemeanor charge which carries a fine and minimal jail time. Jail time is unlikely, but the case will be heard in General Sessions Court at a later date.

Supporters of both candidates have reported similar incidents around the county. There is nothing to suspect that this was more than a single act. The sign, valued at $35, was repaired.

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