A Nashville area man was charged with possession of a controlled substance, a substantial amount of cash seized and investigators are looking into confiscation of the suspect's vehicle following a traffic stop Tuesday evening.

The only charge filed against Thomas Nathan Denney, 19, 612 Lenox Place, Goodletsville, is simple possession of marijuana, according to K-9 Officer Al Seitner's report. Investigation into the man's activities is continuing.

The deputy spotted a 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo occupied by two people who were not wearing seat belts, according to an arrest report. The demeanor of the driver, however, attracted the attention of the officer and a consent to search was requested but denied.

At that point, Seitner got his drug detection dog and made a sweep of the exterior of the car with the dog alerting to the presence of drugs. Once in the front seat the dog alerted to the console area where a plastic bag of a substance identified as marijuana was recovered.

A resulting search of the vehicle's trunk netted a blue carrying bag that contained bundles of cash which were wrapped in rubber bands. Although the report did not specify, it is believed that in excess of $6,000 in cash was recovered.

Denney was asked about carrying such a large sum of money and at first he said he had cashed his income tax return check. He then changed his story to state he had sold a vehicle, but he had no proof of either claim.

The money was seized and Denney was taken to jail where he was placed under $2,000 bond with a March 26 court date.

Investigators are looking into seizing the vehicle as well.

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