The ink was barely dry on the announcement that the city of Crossville was offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for spray painting buildings in downtown Crossville last week when a suspect was in custody, according to Police Chief David Beaty.

Crossville Police were called to at least three downtown businesses on reports that someone spray-painted, or tagged, the buildings.

One of the buildings vandalized was the Tennessee Highway Patrol office building on the courthouse grounds. Another was the building just south owned by Shirley Hughes. An estimated $1,000 in damage was estimated.

Last Tuesday the city announced a $5,000 reward and a few hours later police received a phone call from a Crossville woman who told investigators that the vandalism for which the reward had been offered had been done by her son.

Mom and son arrived at the police department to be interviewed and at the conclusion of that meeting, Matthew James Savage, 23, 571 Livingston Rd., Apt. 11, was charged with vandalism, according to Det. Brian Eckelson's report.

Beaty said the suspect has agreed to make necessary repairs or restitution for the damage.