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George Marlow

George Marlow is thankful.

He recently recovered from COVID-19. 

“Cumberland Medical Center saved my life,” Marlow told CMC. 

“Looking back, I waited longer than I should have to get care,” he admits. “After about 10 days of not feeling my best, I realized I had some of the coronavirus symptoms and chose to get tested at our health department.”

The health department, at 1503 S. Main St., offers free testing Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. No doctor’s order or appointment is necessary, and anyone can be tested, regardless of symptoms.

Testing confirmed Marlow was positive for COVID-19. He is uncertain how he was exposed, as he and his family have been cautious to reduce their potential risk through efforts like wearing a mask as recommended.

“My symptoms continued to worsen,” Marlow said. “I went to the CMC Emergency Department. Within five minutes, they noticed the severity of my condition and took me back immediately,” he said.

He was admitted to the hospital and was unable to have visitors. However, he credits the CMC team that cared for hi during his 11-day hospital stay, seven of which were in the Intensive Care Unit.

“The entire staff was very good and took great care of me,” he said. “I would give them the highest rating possible.”

He remembers how troubling the shortness of breath was and wants others to know: “Coronavirus is real! Please, do not delay your care.”

Across the state, 269,802 people have been diagnosed with the virus, with 3,445 added on Wednesday. There have been 3,478 deaths in the state since the pandemic began in March, with 24 deaths reported Wednesday. 

Currently, 1,537 people are hospitalized in Tennessee. County data only shows new and cumulative hospitalization data, with Cumberland County reporting 79 patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 since mid-March, with four new hospitalization in the past week. 

Twenty-nine residents have died from the virus, with one new death reported Tuesday and one on Wednesday. 

There are currently 171 active cases in the county, with 29 new cases reported on Wednesday.

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