The Cumberland County man who called E-911 and said he was hungry and wanted someone to bring him food and then threatened to shoot the deputy who served warrants in connection with the incident, has pleaded guilty in Criminal Court.

David Howard Proffitt, was facing charges of retaliation for past actions, aggravated 911 calls of a non-emergency nature and domestic assault, pleaded guilty to retaliation for past action and domestic assault.

Proffitt accepted a one-year sentence for the retaliation charge and an 11-month and 29-day sentence for the domestic assault charge with sentences to run concurrently. He was credited with 277 days already served in jail. The felony non-emergency 911 calls charge was dropped.

Proffitt pleaded “no contest” to the charges and was told by Judge Gary McKenzie that the plea will be noted but goes down in the official record as a guilty plea. 

Proffitt, 66, of Eldridge Loop, reported calling E-911 and telling a dispatcher, “I’m starving to death … send me some food out here …” The caller, identified as Proffitt, reportedly was profanity-laced and included in the conversation sexual comments.

Proffitt called a second time, stating he needed a job and if he could get a gun, he might have to kill someone for food.

Deputy Ben Gibson went to Proffitt’s home to arrest him and during the trip to the Justice Center, Gibson wrote in his report that Proffitt told him, “If I had a gun, I would blow your (expletive deleted) brains out.”

The domestic assault plea relates to a Dec. 27, 2018, incident investigated by Crossville Police Ptl. Samantha Seay.

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