Cumberland County investigators have ruled the death of a Hyder Loop man to be from natural causes, but the couple's son was arrested and deputies found dead and malnourished animals on family property off Genesis Rd., according to reports.

The death of Robert Lee Windom was ruled natural causes following a medical examination and review of medical records.

Last Wednesday Elizabeth Windom called 911 asking for an ambulance to meet her on Genesis Rd. She was en route to Cumberland Medical Center after finding her husband unresponsive and lying on the tailgate of his pick up truck.

Authorities met Mrs. Wisdom in the area of Linger Lake and discovered that her husband was deceased. Mrs. Wisdom told investigators that her husband had gotten up during the night and had apparently gone outside to sit on the tailgate of his pickup when he died.

While investigating the death of Mr. Wisdom, investigators found John Sexton, a son, at the residence and took him into custody after learning he was wanted for failing to appear in court.

At the residence investigators found several dogs that appeared to be malnourished, dogs that did not have any food and only a few had access to water. No dog food was found on the property and dog bones were found on a tarp and the remains of a horse were also found.

Deputies also found the body of one dead dog in an advanced state of decomposition still chained to the dog house.

Animal control was called and 23 dogs were taken to the Humane Society.

"John Sexton said they had run out of money to buy food for the dogs and he surrendered the animals to the Humane Society," Investigator Robert Kollros wrote in his report.

Animals that could be saved are being nourished back to health and eventual adoption. Some of the dogs could not be saved. Investigation is continuing.

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