The Cumberland County Education Association submitted a proposal to the Cumberland County Board of Education for a $3,000 supplement for each of the athletic director positions at Cumberland County High School and Stone Memorial High School. After a presentation on an athletic director's duties, the proposal is under further consideration.

As argued at the July 10 meeting, the responsibilities of an athletic director are included in the job description of one of the three assistant principal positions at each high school, according to BOE members.

To gain insight on the position, Director of Schools Aarona VanWinkle invited SMHS assistant principal and athletic director Scott Maddox to share about his duties at the July 24 meeting.

Despite saying he appreciates any amount offered, Maddox said he thought $3,000 would be a minimal supplement. With the supplement for athletic director listed previously at $6,200 when the position was only held at CCHS, Maddux pointed out the duties haven't lessened in the change to having two high schools.

Maddox said while working as both assistant principal and athletic director at Cookeville High School, he received an 18-percent supplement for acting as athletic director.

Maddox noted while school administrators have duties regarding making appearances at athletic events for the sake of supervising teachers and students, the athletic director's responsibilities go beyond that.

"The AD is in charge of a lot more than making appearances," said Maddox. "He's got to make sure everything is flowing smoothly. All the work to be done in the summer with eligibility and trying to get all that material online and taken care of."

Maddox added in regard to sporting events, an administrator must be present at football, basketball and soccer games, but an administrative staff can still divide up attending the games. The athletic director does more than supervise the student body.

"Ultimately, the AD's responsibility is to make sure the event runs smoothly, not just be there to supervise the students," said Maddox. "That's more of an assistant principal's duty."

According to Maddox, the duties of an athletic director at a sporting event entail the following:

• checking on the concession stands;

• tending to referees, officials and visiting coaches;

• taking care of the pre-game administrative meetings;

• keeping up with press box activities; and

• managing post-game clean-up and closing procedures.

Both VanWinkle and CCEA chief negotiator Mary Payne agreed to take the information presented for further advisement.

Other supplements contained in the same proposed addendum were $2,000 for academic enrichment, the deletion of co-ed soccer, and two $750 amounts going to elementary baseball. The BOE proposed adding the $3,000 speech pathologist supplement to the same addendum as well.

Along with VanWinkle, Curriculum and Instruction Director Bruce Simmons, Special Education Director Dana Winningham, Federal Programs Director Rickie Harris and Human Resources and Vocational Director Chris King, who serves as BOE chief negotiator, attended the meeting. In addition to Payne, outgoing president Shelia Rimmer, Anita Hale, Storme Davis, and incoming president Julia Timson were present on behalf of the CCEA.

The next negotiation is set to take place Monday, August 6, at 3:30 p.m.

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