July 1889

+A.N. Hinds has bought himself a new mowing machine. It is the Deering machine and is the most complicated in Tennessee. Give us more such machines, more grass, more cattle and sheep, and we will give to our county fairs more good stock and to our children a better education and this is the point, we are fifty years behind.

+A. Dorton Sr. is taking a list of the assessable property in this district and finding out who it belongs to. It is a big job and no mistake.

+Carl Miller, one of the German colony settlers northeast of Crossville, met with quite a loss last Sunday. He left his tools, trunk and clothing in the woods near where he was at work on a house and came in town to spend the Sabbath with Mr. Weitzel. During his absence a fire swept through the woods and burned up his entire effects.

July 1920

+For sale or rent — My house and one acre of land. House has three good rooms. Good springs on place. House will rent for $5 a month or will sell for $2,500.

+Miss Louise Baker of Crab Orchard gave a tacky party in honor of Miss Cora Reed. She and her little sister are visiting relatives and friends here.

+Our people were glad to see the street fair that was here about two weeks, leave. Part of the time it was in an active state and some of the time tied up in legal proceedings. Part of the tents and a box of snakes came into the hands of C.G. Black as receiver. Under orders of the Chancellor’s office the most of the stuff was sold at public outcry. The whole thing was a disgrace to any decent community.

July 1976

+As of July 1, Tennessee drivers may now turn right on red after coming to a full stop except where signs specifically prohibit a turn.

+The recently organized League of Women Voters meets once a month. The League is open to all women of Cumberland County who wish to participate.


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