August 1891

+ A man from the 15th District has reported he has killed 19 copperheads this year. 16 copperheads and two rattlesnakes last year and 17 copperheads the year before that and he still has a good stock on hand.

+ The Plateau farmer does not as a rule make the mistake of his western brother, to mortgage everything to get farming machinery. It may be that we go to the other extreme. If we had 50 tree and stump pullers at work in our county the year round and then followed that by the introduction of more farm machinery it might be better for us all.

+ The mule as a motive power for the street cars is a thing of the past in Chattanooga. The whole system is now run by electricity.

+ According to the last census the total capital invested in Tennessee coal mining was $4,362,711; total number of employees 4,108; total wage payment $1,506,310.

August 1915

+ Charley Wells who lives a short distance beyond the corporation line by the poorhouse came into town Monday night and reported that a nude man had been seen near his spring. A crowd went to look for the naked man. Archie Beadle saw him as he ran but no one could get close enough to lay hands on him. No one seems to know who he could be or how he came to be in the condition he was.

+ Mrs. ___ is in serious condition with a cancer in her head. She has had several doctors but continues to grow worse.

+ Crab Orchard – Mrs. D.V. Hatfield’s house was struck with lightning Saturday at noon and one end of the house was badly crushed by strong winds. They had the house insured and will get enough to have it rebuilt. None of the family was hurt.

August 1980

+ Look out for Big Orange this year! Johnny Majors fires a hole-in-one here. Playing in the invitational tournament created by Bobby Bowen six years ago to honor UT’s head football coach, Majors scored the hole-in-one on the 176 yard, par 3, No. 9 at the Lake Tansi golf links. He was gifted with a $5,000 1980 Chevette. The only problem was it was Alabama red. Although one suggestion was to give it to Coach Bear Bryant it will be repainted orange for Majors.

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