August 1889

+Another large excursion of Ohio people came up from Rockwood last week to look over the Cumberland Plateau country through the inducements of C.C. Way & Co. One of the party was taken sick while on the road, which necessitated an earlier return than they intended when starting out. Out of the excursion we will eventually get a mill man and perhaps others.

+Verily, verily the way of baseball umpires is hard. If he tries to do the square thing everybody kicks; if he doesn’t try to do the square thing most everybody kicks; if he kicks the kickers he is liable to get hurt; if he doesn’t kick the kickers he kicks himself for not kicking them and is certain to feel uncomfortable anyway. Who wouldn’t be an umpire?

August 1920

+Last week Mr. & Mrs. ___ of Isoline were arrested by the sheriff on the charge of violating the bone dry law. They are charged with selling wine with more than the half of one percent of alcohol in it. The couple has an excellent farm in the Isoline neighborhood and are prospering and doing well. They are Russians by birth and very industrious people and have enjoyed the confidence and respect of those who have made their acquaintance. The case was transferred to the circuit court for a thorough investigation.

+County Superintendent A.J. Albertson recently made a two-week trip through eastern Tennessee in the interest of our county schools. While away he secured 400 second hand desks at a price that will save the county fully $1000. The desks are all in sound condition having been carefully inspected by Professor Albertson. He hopes to secure a hundred or so more later. They will be delivered to the various rural schools according to their needs.

+The Washington Post says it looks as if the Census Bureau will have to go behind the returns to satisfy those cities which cannot produce the population they bragged of.

August 1976

+Bicentennial findings: Dooley’s Grocery Store has been in Crossville 50 years; the Crossville Masons will celebrate their 100th year in November; Volunteer Electric has been here 40 years; Grassy Cove Methodist Church is 175 years old.

+Al Gore, Jr. won the 4th Congressional District seat now held by Joe L. Evins who is retiring after this term.

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