April 1900

James Jones, lineman for the Gainesboro Telephone Company, died from the effects of a fall from a telephone pole. He lived in an unconscious state for ten days. Mr. Jones had made many friends here and they will be pained to learn of his sad passing.

+Melvine — Rev. John Albey, the Southern Methodist pastor whose leg was broken by being thrown from his horse two weeks ago, was taken to his home in Dunlap last week.

The neat iron and wire fence now being put around the courthouse will add much to the appearance of the property.

April 1927

Three banks closed in West Palm Beach, Florida and two more escaped closing by the arrival of an armored car from Miami bearing $2 million in currency. More than $10 million has been withdrawn from the banks within a few months. J.B. Johnson and S.C. Kearley, both well known here, were said to be officials of one of the closed banks.

The way those Chinese armies push one another back and forth for heavy gains and losses indicates that they are all in need of first class football coaches

April 1959

With spring-like weather, work on many construction projects in this area is getting underway. Already in progress is work on highway 70N. The new intersection with 70S is being cleared and grading will start soon.

The hearts of the boys are going pitty-pat this first week in April as they sit modestly and wait for the girls to ask them for a date. This is Twirp Week when the girls furnish the transportation and foot the bills as well.

Mayland Community Club is sponsoring an evening of fun and entertainment. There will be of course a pretty girl and ugly man contest without which no pie supper is complete.

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