June 1900

T.S. Flynn was in the valley last week taking the census.

Friday and Saturday were pay days at the different camps of TC railroad and consequently cash changed hands to the delight of our merchants and others interested.

Young Tom — This full blooded black Maltese Jack will stand half the coming season at my stable, one mile north of Creston, and the other half at some point in East Woody and serve mares at $4 to ensure a living colt. Young Tom was imported from Malta a little over three years ago and is five this fall. — Jere Morrow

June 1927

+A man got boisterous in the Dock Hendley soft drink stand and fired his pistol a time or two and caused something of a stampede. He appeared in court charged with drunkenness and carrying a pistol and paid a fine of $58.50. It is another example of what whiskey will frequently do for a person.

Dr. May Wharton returned Sunday from a two-week trip to the Panama Canal Zone as one of a party of physicians.

About 250 people gathered at the city cemetery for Decoration Day ceremonies. The graves of the departed soldiers were decorated by a group of little girls drilled for the occasion by Mrs. H.J. Dunbar and Miss Nota Mae Borden. The orchestra played appropriate music. Rev. W.A. Beasey delivered the address which was a splendid plea to prove worthy of the sacrifice these soldiers had made.

June 1959

Residents voted favorably to annex an area four times the size of the former city and double the population of Crossville. We are now a city that is close to 5,000 in population. A city with room for planned growth. We can now prepare to say yes to businesses and individuals interested in locating here.

Four persons were killed in a Memorial Day crash of two cars on Cox Valley Road.