May 1900

The stable boss at the camp near Baker's Chapel was accidentally shot in the thigh Monday. He was riding in a wagon with a friend who accidentally let his 38 pistol fire. The ball lodged just above the knee. He was brought to town and is now at the Commercial Hotel where Dr. Leland can give him more careful attention than he could at camp.

Trouble has arisen among the Negroes on the railroad work the past several days. On man was used as a target by two others. It resulted in the first man getting three balls in him and he may die as a result. He is at Griffitts camp at Kemmer stand.

May 1927

The editor of the Chronicle recently bought a Chevrolet car. As a result he has been getting some interesting experience, especially from the expense end. His last stunt was to bunt into the new Wilson-Kemmer brick building next to the Cumberland bank. He did not bunt the building down but did shove in a part of the front wall a few inches and cracked one of the large glasses next to the door. Making that good is where some interesting financial experience comes in. His friends have had so much amusement out of it that the sting has been much less and his consolation is a dry grin.

Rinnie — There seems to be a "white mule" loose in this part the way the boys act at times.

May 1959

Trade-A-Plane received an order for an airmail subscription to be sent to King Michael of Romania. It is to be sent to him in Switzerland where he has been since the Russians took over his country. He is the chairman of the board of a company dealing in electronic equipment for industrial aviation and nuclear application.

May 14 the editor asks, "Is winter over?" He explained there are a number of so called "winters" in early spring. There is dogwood winter, blackberry winter, whippoorwill winter and possibly others.

The Coca-Cola ads for King Size Coca-Cola are featuring the popular singing group, the McGuire Sisters.

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