August 1890

The citizens of Spring Lawn addition have clubbed together for the purpose of graveling and leveling Webb Avenue. Something over $300 has been subscribed and work will commence soon.

Mr. G., 58, well known and a highly respected citizen, was in town Saturday. Later there originated in the lower part of his abdomen an irritated spot seemingly from a tick bite. It grew worse and he was thrown into a fever when it was observed that his blood seemed badly poisoned. Mortification followed resulting in his death Friday. Peace to his ashes and sweet be his resting place.

August 1943

Our "boys" serve without a murmur for only $50 a month and food and clothing, while men who are earning $50 or more a week, are striking for higher wages. It is difficult to think of any course that is more traitorous.

It is doubly important to take good care of woolen cloth and other woolen household articles since the nation's wool supply is limited and imports are uncertain. Every man in the armed forces must have about 200 pounds of fleece for warm uniforms and blankets.

August 1977

Lake Tansi Village held the grand opening of their new Hiawatha Country Club.

Cumberland County's jobless rate was 8.3 percent in June according to figures just released by the state's Dept. of Employment Security. That was an increase from the 7.5 per cent in May. Unemployment in the state also rose slightly during June.

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