The big news on our weather map this week is a cold front bringing showers and thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The humidity will be a little bit lower Thursday and Friday, with high temperatures in the mid-80s. The weather pattern looks to be more of the same from Aug. 17-25, with highs in the 80s and scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers. 

Sunrise is 5:56 a.m., with sunset at 7:35 p.m. The days are getting about a minute shorter each afternoon. 

We have a full moon coming up Thursday night and, with clear skies expected, it should be shining down big and bright. Jupiter is that bright star you are seeing directly to the south in the evening sky.

Let's talk about the moon and its phases. A new moon is when the sun, moon and Earth are in alignment and the moon is invisible from Earth. Nights with a new moon are the darkest because there is no moon visible. When it is new, we start the roughly 29-day journey until it is full again. 

It becomes a crescent, then a half, then a gibbous when three quarters is visible and, finally, the full moon. 

When it is waxing, we are seeing more of the moon each day. When it is waning, we are seeing less and moving toward a new moon. 

Once in a blue moon refers to something that does not happen very often. In 1946 the astronomical version of once in a blue moon began in Star and Telescope magazine which referred to having two full moons in a month. This only happens about once every three years; thus, it does not happen very often. 

Our next blue moon will be Halloween, Oct. 31 2020. There will be two full moons that month. 

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