Local option sales tax, EMS and property tax collections all ended the year favorably, according to Cumberland County Finance Director Nathan Brock.

Brock told the county commission last week EMS collections were budgeted at $4 million for fiscal year 2018-’19 and the fiscal year-end actual EMS collections were $4,403,882.

He said local option sales tax collections were budgeted at $9,366,621 and actual collections were $9,686,164 more than $320,000 over budget projections.

Brock said property tax collections for the year ended at 102.6 %, which is less than a 4% delinquency rate. The budget committee calculated the year end at a 5% delinquency rate.

Property tax is distributed to the General Fund, Sanitation Fund, Debt Service Fund and General Purpose School Fund and is the highest revenue generating tax for the county at more than $20 million.

The year-end revenue collections weren’t all good news.

Brock reported hotel/motel tax collections were down this year and did not meet budgeted projections. Budgeted projections were $885,000. Actual collections were $833,903, roughly short of budget by $51,000.

Although there was a slight budgeted increase from the prior year, Brock said actual collections were also down from prior year’s collections of $847,391.

Earlier in the year, County Trustee Kim Wyatt speculated hotel/motel tax collections were down due to excessive rainy weather earlier in the year and events being cancelled.

Brock reported prisoner boarding collections were budgeted at $743,000. Actual collections were $709,527 after an adjustment. Brock said the original budget was $620,000 and was amended to $743,000 later in the fiscal year. The amended amount made the collections short by roughly $33,000.

Brock said overall the fiscal year-end showed a robust economy locally in terms of sales tax collections and property tax.

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