Lake Holiday will be lowered several feet this fall to allow property owners to take care of maintenance after heavy rain kept the lake level too high last fall.

“People didn’t get to do the work they needed to do,” City Manager Greg Wood told the Crossville City Council during their Sept. 1 work session. 

The city’s policy is to lower the lake for maintenance every three years. 

Councilman Scot Shanks agreed, adding, “There were projects that were started last year they weren’t able to complete.”

Councilman J.H. Graham III noted Lake Tansi was also scheduled to be lowered this year, beginning Oct. 31.

“Surely we won’t need water,” Graham told the council.

Lake Tansi serves as a back-up water source for times of severe drought. The city can also take overflow from the lake and transfer it to Meadow Park Lake for treatment. City Engineer Tim Begley said the last time Lake Tansi was lowered, there was difficulty in keeping it at the low level for the maintenance period. 

Shanks also noted the city had traditionally lowered Lake Holiday beginning Oct. 1. Many property owners complained that was too early, as weather had been nice and allowed for continued recreation on the water in early October.

“I don’t know that we have to do it that early,” Shanks said. 

During the council’s Sept. 8 meeting, Shanks moved to lower the lake several feet beginning Nov. 1 and maintain that level for two months. The motion was supported by Councilman Rob Harrison and unanimously approved. 

Shanks said the council would determine if the lake were to be lowered again in two years or four years, but he suggested getting on a different schedule from Lake Tansi.

Wood said the water from Lake Tansi would be transferred to Meadow Park Lake to conserve the water in the pool.

In other action, the council approved the following items:

•Permission for the Crossville Shooting Sports Park to use city-owned property adjacent to the site off Albert Frye Rd. for temporary shooting stands. The facility is submitting a proposal to host the 2021 State Sporting Clay shooting tournament in September 2021, with about 300 participants plus spectators over a four-day event

•Purchase of grass seed for the leisure services department from Site One Landscape Supply for $5,342.46. This was a budgeted expense

•Purchase of picnic tables, grills and trash cans for a new shelter at Meadow Park Lake, at a cost of $10,007.25 from R.J. Thomas Manufacturing Company. This was a budgeted expense

•Purchase of 19 lightweight rescue/wildland personal protective clothing for the Crossville Fire Department, to be used in technical rescues, disasters and wildland firefighting. The cost per set is $796, from NAFECO, for a total purchase of $15,124. This is a budgeted expense

•Acceptance of a $20,000 grant from the Tennessee Department of Safety to be used to pay for overtime and programs related to alcohol enforcement and driving under the influence. The grant does not require a local funding match

•Renewal of the lease with Downtown Crossville Inc. for use of the Snodgrass Building at $100 per month

•Certificate of compliance for Good Times Wine Spirits and Brew, from Parul Patel and Jaymin Patel

•On-premises beer permit for Bootleggers Bar and Grill, operated by Diane J. Baetz

•On-premises beer permit for Cracker Barrel Old County Store in Crossville

•Appointment of Blake Dickenson to the Crossville Memorial Airport Committee, replacing Adam Strachn

•Appointment of Travis Isaacson to the Crossville Housing Authority to replace Christi Hale who resigned. Mayor James Mayberry announced the appointment and council action was not necessary

Heather Mullinix is editor of the Crossville Chronicle. She covers schools and education in Cumberland County. She may be reached at