A Cumberland County man out on a late spring hike along the Cumberland Trail made a surprising and disturbing discovery when he walked up on a body that had apparently been there for several days.

The body of Tommy R. Woods, 60, Paran Rd., Cookeville, was found by Grassy Cove resident Chris Ford who was out walking his dog along the trail when his dog alerted to something on the trail. That led to the discovery of the body.

Sgt. James Scott wrote in his report that the body was found along the Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail about 2 miles from Hwy. 68 on Brady Mountain. He wrote that the body had been there for several days.

Cumberland County Sheriff Casey Cox said it was his understanding that it had been four to five days since anyone in Putnam County had contact with Woods. The victim, Cox said, reportedly suffered mental and physical health issues. The sheriff said he was told Woods would often go off by himself to meditate.

The body was face down and fully clothed, according to the report. Nearby was found clothing items, a Bible, a book and a map. There was no indication at the scene that foul play was involved in the death.

The Cumberland County Rescue Squad and Emergency Medical Services responded to the area and helped removed the body from the mountain. The body was then transported to Cumberland Medical Center and family was later notified of the discovery.

Cox said deputies later located Woods’ vehicle in the parking area near the trail on Black Mountain near Crab Orchard.

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