A motorist passing through Cumberland County who stopped at a Westel convenience store reported someone threatened him and pointed a handgun at him in what the man called was an unprovoked attack.

Joshua Gilmore, 38, Antioch, TN, told deputies he stopped at the Rocky Top Market off Westel Rd. to use the restroom when he was confronted by a man wearing a yellow ball cap and black shirt.

The man complained that Gilmore had “got close to my car.” Gilmore replied that he did not think he had.

When the motorist left the convenience store, he saw the same man sitting in a black Chevrolet Cruze. As he walked to his vehicle, the man told him, “You had better be more careful, punk.” The man then pointed a small black handgun at the man.

The victim said the assailant and a woman in the vehicle then exited the parking lot, turning left on Westel Rd.

Despite a lengthy search by law enforcement officers in Cumberland and Roane counties, the vehicle could not be found.

Investigation is continuing.

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