Fairfield Glade Public Service officers and Cumberland County sheriff's investigators are looking into a rash of thefts from mailboxes that included the theft of a signed check in the amount of  $18,000.

In all, 19 victims have come forward to report mail had been taken from their mailboxes. The majority of the thefts occurred Monday, according to reports.

It appeared to investigators that mailboxes with flags up — noting mail was to be picked up by the letter carrier — were targeted. Ironically, there is one case where mail was reportedly stolen from one resident's mailbox, but was still delivered to the addressee. 

Most of the mail taken consisted of holiday greeting cards, bills and letters with checks or gift cards. Most of the losses reported were of less than $100.

Mail theft reports were taken on Amhurst Dr., Augustine Lane, Beachwood Dr., Cappshire Rd., Clinebrook Dr., Dalton Terrace, Prestonwood Dr., Southwark Ct., Westchester Dr. and Wycliff Lane.

There were two reports of a black vehicle in the area with two occupants, and another report to police indicated that a grey vehicle with two women inside was in the area where mail was stolen.

Investigation is continuing.

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