A list of illegal voters will be turned over to District Attorney Randy York's office from the Cumberland County Election Commission.

The list of names, which was not released to the public as of yet, will be turned over to the DA's office for an investigation after the election commission unanimously decided Monday evening.

Administrator of Elections Sharon York explained the list of names dates back to 1998 and goes through 2008 elections in which people who have been convicted of a felony either registered to vote or voted after they were convicted.

That is also a felony and thanks to new software available to the state of Tennessee, state election officials are combing through old voting rolls and making available lists of violators to local election commissions.

Each week the list is updated, York said.

"This is going on across the state and they are trying to clean up the rolls and improve the integrity of elections," York said.

The number of people on the list in Cumberland County is not enough that it would make a difference in the outcome of any previous local elections.

According to York there were 14 names of felons who voted and 13 names of felons who registered, but did not vote.

"Was this done before now?" Cumberland County Election Commission Chairman Calvin Smart asked.

"Not until about two years ago and it was vague," said election commissioner Lisa Phillips.

"We will turn these names over to the DA and they will investigate and prosecute," Smart said. "It behooves us to clean up our rolls and make it what it should be."

Election Commissioner Thomas Henderson motioned to turn the list of names over to the district attorney's office and Denver Cole supported the motion.

It was unanimously approved.

The list did also contain the names of two people who are believed to be deceased. The list of names was not made available to the public yet, but will be available in the future once the DA's investigation is completed and charges are filed.

In other areas the election commission approved a list of potential poll workers. The workers will have to confirm if they will work on election day once they are notified.

Election commissioners also sealed and verified number tags for all ballot boxes for the voter precincts for the May 4 primary.

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