Last week was an exciting time to be a meteorologist in Cumberland County. 

We watched a very intense weather system move across the state for four days. From Feb. 4-6, we recorded from 5-7 inches of rain across the county — and on the fourth day of the storm as the cold air moved in, we received a snowfall of 2-3 inches across our county. 

This week we are staring down the barrel of yet another big rain system that will keep us very wet, with another 3-5 inches of rain through Thursday. 

This will probably turn out to be one of the wettest Februarys ever, because we are not even halfway through. 

Once again, we will have a risk of a few severe thunderstorms Wednesday and Wednesday night, so please keep up with my forecast this week because we are going to have several threatening factors that could cause problems.  

All indicators are pointing to an early spring. But it should also be a stormy spring, with the tornado threat being above normal across Tennessee for April. 

The weather is looking colder and drier for Valentine's Day, but then back to wetter and warmer from Feb. 16-23.

People have asked me how to do an official snow measurement, so I decided to talk about that this week. Do not measure near a drift, a building, a tree or any other object. Stick a ruler or yardstick straight down into the snow until it just hits the ground, but do not jab it into the ground. Take about four to six measurements in your yard with these guidelines and then average those readings.

You are always welcome to email me your rainfall measurements or snow reports to

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