The Central Communications Committee will meet along with department heads of the communications user group of the county's emergency communications radio system on Monday.

The meeting is scheduled by Cumberland County Mayor Kenneth Carey in order to try and get all issues and problems with the emergency communications P-25 radio system in order.

"We have got to get all of the issues out in the open and finish this thing up. These problems have been going on for a long time and we have got to get to the bottom of it," Carey said.

When asked by Carey if he was having any issues, Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess said, "Yeah, it won't work. It's inconsistent. At least with the old radio system you knew where the bad spots were. With this, though, there's no telling. What will work in one spot on one day, won't work the next. With the two systems we need a way to be able to communicate with each other, especially if there's a big event."

Burgess was referring to communications between city and county police and the sheriff's department.

Eric Ritzman, technical adviser for the radio system, said the bridge or patch between the county fire department and city from the old system to the P-25 radio system was up and running. He said the repeater would have to be changed for the sheriff's department in order to put up a permanent patch between the old VHF system and the new P-25 system.

"Dispatch can patch you through to communicate with each other. They can do them all like that and it's like a conference call," Ritzman said.

"You'd need to make it part of the protocol to link everyone together like that if there's a big event," said Everett Bolin of the Cumberland County E-911 board.

"We can do it, just tell us when and we will do it," said Danny Buttram, emergency communications and dispatch director.

"This system has so many bugs and we need to get them worked out. I'm requiring all the county department heads to come to the meeting," Carey said.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 5, at 9 a.m. at the E-911 Emergency Communications Center.

In other areas of business the Central Communications Committee approved the end of Danny Buttram's probationary period as dispatch emergency communications director. That means Buttram's pay will increase from $35,000 to $38,500, according to the contract agreement made when he was hired.

City of Crossville Fire Chief Mike Turner made a motion to amend Buttram's contract agreement and not require him to live in Cumberland County, but rather be able to get to the county within a reasonable amount of time, or timely manner, in the occurrence a major event.

All agreed that Buttram was doing a great job as director at the E-911 facility.

"It's an intense job and he's been doing it for six months now and he's doing a great job. I don't think requiring him to move here is completely necessary," Turner said.

"Under normal circumstances he can be here within 45 minutes. But with the agreement we have with Putnam County and them taking over 911 dispatch from down there if ours is incapacitated, we might need him down there anyway," Turner added.

Cumberland County Chief and EMS Director Jeff Dodson agreed and supported the motion. It was unanimously approved.

Buttram's pay is supplemented by the E-911 board at a rate of $12,000 per year and Turner said he would like to see that be worked out with the county so it would be administered through the county.

"It's doesn't help any toward his retirement this way and if we could do it all through the county he would get more credit," Turner said. "Is there a way you could send it to the county?"

"We would love to do it that way," Bolin said.

"It would have to go to the full county commission for their approval," Carey said. "I will check it out and see what we would have to do."

"We may have to look at also amending the intergovernmental agreement for that," Bolin said.

The committee also welcomed Crossville City Manager Bruce Wyatt. It was Wyatt's first meeting at the CCC after being hired as city manager. The city manager chairs the CCC committee meetings in the event the county mayor does not attend.