A report of someone taking advantage of an older citizen who was in the care of another is being conducted by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, according to reports.

The incident was first brought to the attention of sheriff’s investigators when Deputy Jeffery Turner met with witnesses who feared that someone was taking advantage of an elderly Chatham Lane woman. 

The person identified as a suspect is supposed to be working for the elderly victim who is suffering from early stages of dementia. Between the dates of July 25 and Nov. 5, the witnesses reported that a pickup truck was purchased in the amount of $2,000 and a bicycle and cart and motor for $400.

It was also reported that a post office box, car insurance and other items were purchased with the victim’s money. Multiple withdrawals from a bank account were also reported.

Investigator Tom Howard is now looking into the claims. More than $6,500 has been withdrawn from the bank account in addition to the items purchased with funds belonging to the victim.


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