The Florida man who admitted to shooting a Cumberland County man New Year’s Day during a fight at his late father’s home where he was staying was denied a motion for furlough to attend rehab.

Douglas Lee Deck, 27, pleaded guilty in July to possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. Deck was living in his late father’s home on Sandy Creek Rd. near Mayland when he told authorities he caught an acquaintance, Paul Jonathan Wing, 58, trespassing on the property.

During a resulting confrontation, Deck shot and killed Wing. A lengthy investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, led to Deck not being charged in the shooting death.

However, he was arrested at the scene on the felon in possession of a handgun charge to which he is serving a two-year and one day sentence.

Deck’s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Laura Dykes, asked Judge Gary McKenzie to grant Deck a furlough to attend long-term inhouse rehab of the Adult and Teen Challenge program.

Dykes told the judge that Deck “was extremely high on meth when he shot and killed Mr. Wing,” and with not resources left and no home to go to, treatment was needed to help turn Deck’s life around.

Deck is convicted of a felony drug charge in Florida.

She added that Deck, who has an extensive record of cocaine use, was living in his father’s home to keep others from stealing his late father’s property. 

Since Deck’s incarceration, the father’s home “was broke into and there is nothing left,” Dykes said.

Connie Somers of Invitation Ministries testified she was looking for a treatment center that would include transition assistance and would arrange for such if the court granted the motion.

McKenzie noted that Deck should make parole in November or December of this year and that he would be free to seek treatment at that time. The motion was denied.