With the new school year now in operation, Cumberland County has three elementary schools over capacity and another just under capacity.

According to enrollment numbers taken on Aug. 13, Homestead is hosting 770 students this year, with a capacity of 750. North exceeds its capacity by 86 with a total of 706 students. Pleasant Hill is also over capacity with 617 students at a 600-student capacity. Capacity is determined without considering portables, special areas and special education classrooms.

Stone Elementary leaves a small amount of breathing room with 664 students enrolled at a 665-student capacity.

Using fall 2006 numbers, figures estimate that the opening of a new elementary school would significantly reduce the enrollment of over-capacity schools.

According to 2006 figures, if the new elementary school, with a capacity of 665, enrolled 409 students, Pleasant Hill's 2006 enrollment of 606 would have been reduced to 437 and North's 2006 enrollment would go down to 546 from 698.

The total enrollment for Cumberland County schools this year comes in at 7,441, including Cumberland County High School, Stone Memorial High School, and the Phoenix School. The Aug. 13 figures list CCHS at 1,181 students, SMHS at 1,081, and the Phoenix School at 59.

Total enrollment excludes pre-K students, accumulating to 158.

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