Dear reader, it’s strange how just seeing a caption in an older newspaper will bring back memories. That happened to me in reading through the large volume of most interesting articles in the Centennial issue of the CHRONICLE, which we have been working our way through together. 

Seventeen years after the jewelry store was established at Mayberry's, your Uncle Gib can remember purchasing a Van Dell styled turquoise necklace and earring set from Sally Mayberry in their jewelry store. The set is still in our family, in the original W. E. Mayberry & Sons box. The jewelry store has been gone for a long time, but the furniture store is still an active business on Main Street. There are probably many others across Cumberland County who still have various pieces of jewelry purchased from the Mayberry store. On to the article for today.

CENTENNIAL CHRONICLE, July 12, 1956. JEWELRY BUSINESS OPENS IN 1945 AT MAYBERRY'S. The first retail jewelry store in Crossville, selling jewelry only, was opened in 1945 at 405 South Main Street by W. E. Mayberry, Sr., and Jr. W. E. Mayberry, Jr. or “Bill” as he is better known, did not become active in the business until 1947 after his return from service with the 42nd Infantry Division in Europe, and graduation from the University of Tennessee.

In 1948, the building next door was connected by an archway and the line of furniture was added. This increased the floor space to 4,000 square feet, and during the same year about 5,000 square feet was added in another building about l/2 block south. The Hale used furniture store was purchased and operated as a used furniture department and warehouse in 1950. In 1956 a new building next door to the 508 South Main Street location was completed which gives that store and warehouse a total of 11,750 square feet of space. The two buildings are connected by archways and furniture displays are located on two floors of both. Complete home furnishings and appliances are carried in both stores.

A watch repair department has been included since the opening of the store, and is now operated by Ray Button, Jr. Other employees are, Robert Eldridge, salesman; Hall Sells, salesman,; Mrs. J. M. Calahan, bookkeeper, Mrs. Sue S. Houston, saleswoman, Ralph Jackson and David Taylor, salesmen. Of these, Robert Eldridge has the longest continuous service as an employee.  

There are many more historic articles that we will share together from this issue. First published in the CHRONICLE of January 14, 1937, we will begin a trip through the history of the Meadow Park Lake next week. It will take us some time to complete the journey through this history. My good friend, Mrs. James (Vancienetta) Wisdom, who has passed her 90th birthday, also has a most comprehensive unpublished history she has personally compiled on the history of the Meadow Park Lake.

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