The county’s budget committee has tentatively approved $1.2 million in capital purchases for several county departments in the fiscal year 2019-’20 budget.

“I would recommend we OK the essential requests and nothing that’s repeated. Some will have to consider later,” Rebecca Stone, 3rd District commissioner and budget committee chairwoman, said. “We’re not going to make personnel decisions tonight but will listen to requests.”

The committee intends to review those requests later in the budget process next month after final numbers are established for anticipated revenue, including local option sales taxes and property tax.

Cumberland County Fire Chief Trevor Kerley said he’d like to replace the 1978 firetruck at the Big Lick station and take it out of service. He has requested a new fire truck at $360,000 and a new brush fire truck at $82,000.

“I would rotate a truck out there and replace it with a newer one in another district,” he explained.

“I also need another brush unit truck. I’ve got one that’s an ’83 model sitting at the Homestead station that’s unusable. I really need the little one right now,” Kerley said.

One big purchase the county must make this year is more than 80 new self-contained breathing apparatuses for the fire department. To meet safety standards, the units must be replaced this year. The department has applied for a grant but has not yet heard the results.

The department has also applied for a grant for new fire trucks, but Kerley is unsure of the status of the application at this point.

“If they don’t get the [breathing apparatus] grant we will have to purchase these anyway, so I think we should go ahead and plan and budget the replacement of 82,” Stone said.

The units have an estimated cost of $6,300 each.

The election commission has requested a new building estimated at $500,000, but the committee unanimously agreed to wait for alternative suggestions from the building and grounds committee to determine if there is a cheaper solution. The election commission has requested a larger facility for the past couple of years in order to house everything under one roof.

Capital items tentatively approved up to this point include:

•Fire Department, 82 self-contained breathing apparatuses at $516,600

•Emergency Management Agency, Ford F-150 truck to pull hazmat trailer, $17,500

•EMA, UPS battery at $15,225

•EMS, used vehicle to haul equipment for rescues, $10,000

•Animal Shelter, $21,000 for fencing and perimeter gravel/paving, $21,000

•Preservation of records/archives, two laptop computers, $2,188

•Archives, three PC computers, $2,100

•Archives, one digital screen mobile stand, $1,400

•Community Complex, asphalt sealer, $6,000

•Community Complex, amp and arena sound system, $15,000

•Community Complex, 17 new outdoor electrical boxes, $5,000

•Community Complex, 10 RV hookups, $4,000

•Community Complex, loader tractor, $35,000

•County Mayor, new office furniture, $7,500

•Register of deeds, new computers or cabinet, $8,500

•Election commission, 17 election pole pad computers, $25,925

•County maintenance, 26 windows at courthouse, $19,000

•County maintenance, new gutters at courthouse, $29,873

•County maintenance, exterior washing of courthouse $6,680

•County maintenance, 175 exterior lighting LED lights at courthouse, $27,873

•County maintenance, circulation pump, $4,500

•County maintenance, roofing shingles at Chamber of Commerce, $10,850

•County maintenance, water booster pump at county jail, $6,500

•County maintenance, cooling tower cleaning at county jail, $2,500

•County maintenance, five new rooftop HVAC units at county jail, $76,534

•Circuit court clerk, 15 chairs, $2,250

•Circuit court clerk, new mainframe, $5,000

•Sheriff’s office, five new patrol vehicles, $175,000

•Sheriff’s office, new exterior glass door, $8,620

•County jail, MTI audio board, $18,316

•County jail, walk-in cooler and freezer racks, $7,000

•County jail, dry storage racks, $9,000

•County jail, carpeting in courtroom No. 1, $9,408

•EMS parking lot repaving/repairs, $76,000

Items to be revisited and considered at a later date include an electrical upgrade at the county jail at $52,000; three additional patrol cars at $105,000 for sheriff’s office if the personnel request of three new deputies is approved; a new county fire engine at $360,000; a new brush fire truck for county fire at $82,000; eight new computers for the library, $5,600; new carpeting at library at $60,000 for the upstairs; new phone system for all county departments in courthouse and Milo Lemert Building at $9,647.

The committee will continue budget deliberations in July after more final numbers for the fiscal year are revealed. 

Budget meetings planned in June have been canceled. The committee does not anticipate meeting again until the second week of July.

All approvals are tentative at this point and will be included in the consideration of the county’s entire 2019-’20 fiscal year budget.

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