Cumberland County Schools and School Resource Officers reported the following activity for the 2018-’19 school year:

Incident Reports: 94

Accident Reports: 6

Arrest/Citation Issues: 78

Violence Related: 57

Disorderly Conduct: 54

Theft Related: 7

Weapon Related: 9

Traffic Related: 1,392

Alcohol Related: 1

Consultation Sessions: 1,688

Students: 1,254

Parents: 332

Faculty: 102

Extracurricular Activities: 131

School-Related Meetings: 14

Training/Research: 36

Student Services: 21

Classroom Instructions: 63

There were also 10 disciplinary hearings related to possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia.

School Safety Supervisor Bo Magnusson said, “They have a lot of interaction with students, with parents, with faculty.”

He said the consultations help build relationships within the school and can improve school climate and school safety.