The Cumberland County Commission approved a $5,000 budget amendment to its general fund to update the three-year-old compensation study of county employees and departments.

Organizational Management Group of Knoxville performed the compensation study originally and agreed future updates would be available at a reduced rate.

The study will take place after July 1, and upon completion the county commission can review the study and determine the course of action based on the results.

Organizational Management Group has agreed to update the study on an hourly basis with the total cost of the study not to exceed $5,000.

The original compensation plan was approved by the county commission for the 2016-'17 fiscal year and included a wage increase for county employees based on the study at an estimated cost of $704,000 for the 2016-'17 fiscal year.

The increase included a new county employee wage scale that was also built into the 2016-'17 budget.

The study update was unanimously approved after a motion for approval was made by Michael Speich, 6th District commissioner. Speich’s motion was supported by Rebecca Stone, 3rd District commissioner.

The budget committee previously approved the amendment and recommended it to the county commission.

The county commission also approved the following budget amendment resolutions:

•$135 for the Cumberland County Fire Department to accept donations for fire safety education.

•$876 for the county mayor’s office to increase the salary of the office manager due to reclassified job duties including grant writing.

•$1,857 for the election commission to accept a federal grant for data processing equipment.

•$2,300 for the general fund to modify the small building on the courthouse grounds for an automatic door.

•$4,000 for the county’s general fund to install improved wireless internet services throughout the Cumberland County Courthouse.

•$12,000 for the Cumberland County Jail to go toward construction of an out building at the justice center to be used as a multipurpose building.

•$125,000 for the general purpose school fund to accept a federal grant for an educational enhancement program at Pleasant Hill Elementary School.

The county commission also approved two resolutions to accept offers for the sale of delinquent tax properties owned by the county.

The county commission approved accepting an offer of $424.90 from James Thomas for Renegade Pkwy. Lot 237 on Renegade Mountain. It was unanimously approved after Deborah Holbrook, 8th District commissioner, moved to accept the offer. Holbrook’s motion was supported by Stone. The county also approved the sale and acceptance of another offer for a parcel of land.

Charles Seiber, 4th District commissioner moved to accept the offer of $311 from Charles V. Sullens III for Lot 100 on Yurch Dr. in Lake Tansi. Stone supported the motion.

Commissioners Chad Norris, 1st District; and David Gibson, 4th District, did not attend the meeting.

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