"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

So said Crossville attorney Roger York in a June 19 letter to the Crossville Beautification Board in response to their letter to York concerning comments and complaints they had received about three 60-year-old automobiles parked at the corner of Main Street and Penfield Street.

During the Crossville City Council's special-called meeting set for Monday, Aug. 7, at 8:30 a.m. a hearing will be held on a request from the city that York remove the vehicles that, according to the city, appear to be parked in violation of the city ordinances.

On July 2, York and Susan Bilbrey were sent a letter as an "official notice to remove" the offending inoperable vehicles described in the letter as a nuisance and in violation of the Crossville Municipal Code.

On July 11, York and Bilbrey responded in separate letters indicating that the vehicles were on private property, were not a nuisance and requesting a hearing on the "notice to remove."

York's letter says, "I do not feel that my cars are creating a nuisance nor in violation." He goes on to say, "I have went to seven different auto dealerships and found cars that are not running, nor capable of running." He also cites Chan's body shop as having cars parked that are not capable of running.

"My cars are classic automobiles, and I have probably had around 2500 people stop and look at the cars since I put them there. Many people... have stopped just to get their pictures taken with the cars," explained York.

In his letter, York cites section 4 of the abandoned or inoperable vehicles ordinance that specifically exempts "any vehicle retained by the owner for antique collection purposes."

York's law partner Susan Bilbrey's letter said, "Any attempt by the city to enforce the referenced statute against our private property shall be treated as a trespass and all damages shall be sought including punitive." Bilbrey goes on to say, "However, if you desire to purchase said vehicles and take them to your home you may contact me for the price."

The council will take on the hearing at the start of their called agenda Monday morning.

Other matters on the called agenda include a request for a variance to the city's mobile home regulations to allow an older mobile home. That request has been recommended by the Crossville Regional Planning Commission.

Several routine items are under a consent agenda item and the approval of an application for a grant from Rural Utility Services for the Cumberland Cove development round out the agenda.

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