A former Crossville convenience store clerk has been arrested and charged with the theft of cash and lottery tickets from his employer, according to Crossville Police reports.

Nathaniel Baanah Greenberg, 25, 222 Andrews Lane, is charged with one count of theft of property of more than $2,500. He was arrested Oct. 20 and placed under $6,000 bond with an appearance in General Sessions Court to be set.

Crossville Police Sgt. Jacob Brink wrote in his report that he was called to the Miller Mart located at 638 S. Main St. on a complaint of an alleged employee theft and met with the convenience store owner, Sandeepkumar Patel. 

Patel told the officer he had a video surveillance tape that showed multiple lottery tickets and cash being taken from the business.

The video shows a man taking scratch-off lottery tickets, scratching them, and then taking cash from the register and throwing the non-winning tickets away. This was done on multiple times  on Oct. 16, Oct 17 and Oct. 19, Brinks reported.

On the first date, receipts showed $480 missing. The second date there was $1,015 missing and on the last date, $2,079 for a total of $3,574 missing from the store. Patel then produced for the officer a handwritten document that was described as a confession to the series of thefts.

Greenburg was picked up by Brinks and a sheriff’s deputy and questioned about the incidents. Greenburg, according to the report, allegedly stated that he knew why officers had come to his residence and that he intended to pay the money back.

The suspect also stated that the signature at the bottom of the handwritten document described as a confession was his.

Greenburg was then processed at the Justice Center on the theft charge.

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