Cumberland County sheriff’s investigators report a handful of conflicting statements from witnesses after a house was set on fire. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Deputies were called to the 1000 block of Al Goss Rd. around 6 p.m. Sunday on a report of a structure fire that initial reports claim was set with people inside, according to Deputy Jacob Moore’s report.

The deputy and Deputy Eli Tollett spoke to those present, including a Norris Lane man who said he set the fire with permission of the owner because the structure had cockroaches and bed bugs inside.

More wrote that when he asked the man if anyone was inside when he set the fire, the man responded that two woman had been inside prior to the fire being set.

The two women, however, told the deputy that one was inside when the fire was set. The two women said they were in the process of gathering their personal property because they were moving to a different residence.

At that point, investigator Gary Green was contacted about the incident. Photographs and statements were taken by the deputies.

Next, the deputies talked with two men at the scene who said they started setting the fires under the building at which point one of the women exited the building, and then ran back inside to get the second woman out.

The deputies then talked to a woman who said she had control over the property and had told the two men to set the fires, which was done while the women were inside.

Later, however, that woman changed her story, claiming one of the women set the fire and also threatened the her and her family.

Investigation continues while investigators attempt to sort out what actually happened at the scene and if charges should be filed.

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