If the Cumberland County Commission follows the wishes of the two commissioners from the 1st Civil District, a seat holder as opposed to a candidate in the County General Election for the 1st District Board of Education seat will be appointed to fill the unexpired term of BOE member Joyce Udell.

Udell announced her resignation last week, announcing that she had obtained employment in East Tennessee and would be unable to serve out the remaining five months of her term of office. Udell's resignation is effective April 1.

Commissioner Harry Sabine, who serves county government from the same district, told commissioners Monday night that he had been in contact with fellow Commissioner Jim Inman who expressed a desire that someone not seeking election to the seat in the August election be appointed to fill the vacancy until that time.

The commission is not bound by the wishes of the 1st District commissioners, however, although it is custom to take those recommendations into consideration.

The commission can't do anything until a vacancy has been declared by County Clerk Brenda Hyder. On or after April 1 when the vacancy becomes official, Hyder will send correspondence to all county commission members declaring the vacancy as required by state law. Qualifying deadline for seeking election to a full term to the 1st District BOE seat is April 6.

The next step is for interested candidates to fill the unexpired term is to make formal application in Hyder's office.

The commission was in agreement to hold a one-hour work session on April 18, beginning at 6 p.m. and prior to the regular monthly commission meeting, to give applicants time to address the full commission. The commission can then choose to fill the vacancy at the April meeting or can opt to postpone making an appointment and either act in a special called meeting or in the May meeting.

There was no response from commissioners concerning Sabine's comment that someone not interested in running for the seat be appointed.

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