The city of Crossville hopes to gain national exposure for the city through participation in a segment on "Today in America with Terry Bradshaw."

Crossville Mayor J.H. Graham III said, "Besides being on that show one time and it appearing nationally, it will appear on 19 other regional areas across the nation. The purpose would be to introduce viewers to the city of Crossville, TN; inform viewers on the unique and distinctive attributes of this city; discuss reasons why it's an ideal place for retirement for baby boomers and families and people in general; and make viewers aware of residential opportunities as well as cost-of-living advantages and overall quality of life; and, if time is available, for third-party interviews."

The segment would be part of the show's Hidden Gems to Live, Play and Retire in the Retire in America series. Following the national and regional airing, the video will become the property of the city.

"We were chosen in a national contest for this privilege of paying $19,800 for this video with the production in these different areas," Graham said.

He asked the council to approve the participation agreement and a budget amendment to allow the city to take part in the television show.

Councilman Danny Wyatt said, "If we can get a couple of families to move here, we get our money back."

Graham said he reviewed the production schedule and the intended markets and the marketing contact with the show said the national airing would cover the country simultaneously on the Travel Channel.

"They indicated there would probably be over 250,000 individual impressions in the national and regional airings," Graham said.

He moved to approve the agreement and cost, supported by Danny Wyatt.

The motion was unanimously approved.

Production will begin quickly with the city responsible for taking part in a questionnaire, reviewing the script and signing off on the feature outline.

The council also approved a contract with Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. to provide engineering services for improvements at Meadow Park and Holiday Hills water treatment plants at a cost of $97,270.

Improvements at Holiday Hills water treatment plant include addition of a sodium permanganate chemical feed system which will remove contaminants in the raw water and reduce disinfection by-product formation; installation of a powdered activated carbon feed system, which will reduce disinfection by-products and can remove taste and odor compounds in water; repairing flocculation basins; and replace filter under drain and media. Estimated cost for the projects is $1.119 million.

At the Meadow Park Lake treatment plant, plans are to install a powdered activated carbon feed system, constructing a diversion wall to divert winds from the sedimentation basins, and replace overhead lighting systems with more efficient lighting. Estimated cost for the improvements is $222,398.

Councilman Boyd Wyatt moved to approve, supported by Danny Wyatt. The motion was unanimously approved.

Director of Engineering Tim Begley provided an update on current projects of the city of Crossville. The street department has completed installation of a large pipe at Industrial Dr. and Old Jamestown Hwy. to alleviate flooding of the intersection during periods of heavy rain. An additional  storm pipe may be installed to provide more relief at the intersection.

A waterline upgrade has been installed to Homestead Baptist Church, with clean-up, testing and moving of water services still to be completed. A water line upgrade to Bob Tollett Loop has been completed and service should begin being moved next month.

Sewer has been installed and tested in the Davidson subdivision.

Work continues on the raw water intake for the Lake Tansi water harvesting project. The contractor has encountered hard rock and blasting is continuing. A time frame for completion is not available.


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