Councilman Scot Shanks plans to hold future discussions about an indoor recreation facility in Crossville. However, the subject will not be on Tuesday’s agenda of the Crossville City Council meeting. 

During last Tuesday night’s city council work session, Shanks said creating such a facility has beed discussed for more than 20 years, yet the project has remained stagnant.

He made references dating back to October 2000, when the city approved $16,000 for a feasibility study on the subject. Shanks also referenced council discussions in March 2008 considering a YMCA, the 2014 parks and recreation master plan, a 2016 discussion between the city and county and a recent city council retreat in which there was continued interest expressed in building and indoor recreation facility.

“I’ve been interested in this for a long time … We’ve always been looking at the Manchester facility … it’s smaller than Crossville with 10,500 people. The recreation facility has a revenue of $1 million and expenses of $1.2 million. They’re $200,000 short. That’s considered very good as far as being able to break even for a recreation facility,” Shanks said.

He said it took Manchester two years to build the facility, and the city has had several grants along the way for facility upgrades and changes.

Councilman J.H. Graham III said he is with Shanks on the idea and would “really like to see the pro-forma financial on the project.”

Graham said, “There are plenty of good folks that would come to Crossville and perform another survey to get a comfort level on what people would be willing to pay … The city of Manchester is footing the bill as far as the note payment and the interest charges, which I wouldn’t be opposed to … but I don’t have a comfort level right now, Scot, for the operating expenses. I’d love to see it … but when you look at the footprint on that 85,000-square-foot facility, it had everything under the sun. There’s no telling how much it would cost.”

Shanks said the Manchester facility is 64,000 square feet.

Graham said the 85,000 square-foot facility came from the previous survey.

Shanks said he is not interested in competing with people who are running businesses with work out facilities. He said the target groups in Manchester are families and seniors.

City attorney William Ridley said the county may still have some interest in partnering with the city on a facility similar to this.

Graham said he would like to see a proposal from City Manager Greg Wood to have a survey run by a professional and the qualifications to make a request for proposal to see about hiring a consulting firm to run the survey.

“Until we get a comfort level, the first thing people are going to say is what’s going to be in it?” Graham said.

Shanks suggested forming a committee between the city and the county.

Crossville Mayor James Mayberry suggested they get a request-for-proposal together and try to get together with the county.

Shanks said he would like for the facility to be located in a place of high visibility.

At this point it is unclear as to when discussions will continue.

Items to be addressed on Tuesday’s city council meeting include discussion to make an offer of up to 10% above fair market price to purchase property for a proposed Hwy. 127 N elevated water storage tank. 

The council will consider making an offer to purchase property for a proposed Hwy. 127 N elevated water storage tank.

Council members will review the city’s debt policy, which is reviewed and accepted each year.

“We have to have a debt policy. I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Graham said.

Purchases to be considered at the meeting include a new fire department support vehicle, life pack monitor defibrillators, tandem dump truck for the street department, grass seed for parks and recreation, asphalt crack and seal repair for basketball courts, asphalt for Centennial Park walking trails, process chiller for water resources department, water treatment chemicals and floor care contract for city facilities.

The city council will consider the approval process for the state’s Three Star Grant application and applying for grants for Crossville Memorial Airport. The city hopes to get for the airport layout plan update, airport obstruction/tree clearing and maintenance and building upgrades.

Also under consideration will be requests for a mobile home variance, a new street named Whitetail Run, accepting Patrick Dr. and Farmington Ln. as new city streets and allowing the closure of Main St. between Fourth and Fifth streets for a block party for the Grinder House from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, July 19.

Tuesday’s council meeting will be in the council chambers at 6 p.m. at Crossville City Hall.

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